3 Simple Ways to Fix Your Car after an Accident


Accidents can happen, and before anyone knows it, your car has been slightly damaged; you believe it is not your fault and it needs repair.

Here are three things to do on how to fix your car after an accident.

1. Go to your insurance drive-through center.


If the accident was not your lapse, then you may recover damages by filing it under your insurance. This might be the fastest, though you may have to pay for the deductibles that will only be reimbursed to you if the other party paid for their damage.

2. Comprehensive Breakdown of Damages


Go to a local auto repair shop nearby. You need to get a detailed analysis of the damages made to your car, by the other party. This estimate will serve as a second opinion regarding billable damages.

If a mechanic concludes that a particular repair is no longer possible, request the manager to call the other party’s insurance company.

3. Injury Adjustment


Since the accident is minor and your car is still available for use, though dented and needs a tune-up, call the other party’s insurance provider. Request for an estimate or assessment of the damaged caused to your car.

An injury adjuster will inspect your vehicle and provide an estimate, which will play a significant factor on how much will be reimbursed for the repair.

While we hope that you will not require these tips in the future, it is always best to be informed.

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