4 Tricks to Get a Reliable Auto Mechanic


Whether it is a car you purchased, or a hand-me-down from a family member, or a company-owned vehicle you’re driving for official purposes, no one likes the feeling of seeing this transport break down.

To see a car needs serious tune-ups could be heartbreaking – not to mention the possible expense of replacement or repair. If you are not born a mechanic who knows how to fix his car by himself, ask for a professional’s help. Well, finding a reliable one may be a challenging task, too.

So let me list down four tips on how to find a trustworthy mechanic to bring your car back to good shape, or more!

1. Look for an ASE certified technician!

You may not be so emotionally attached to your car, and even if you are, you do not want just any man wearing a rugged jumpsuit to repair it for you.

Thus, look for a mechanic who earned an Automotive Service Excellence certification, which means that he has enough expertise, tenure, and competency to take the job.

Additionally, look for any affiliations such as the AAA network.

2. Check reviews and the shop, too.

To help you decide, ask around for reviews either online or from friends. If you have time, you can also drive to a repair shop to look around. If your car is still working properly, try to test the mechanic’s knowledge. It takes some positive feedback and firsthand experience to account for excellent service.

When you’reΒ in the Phoenix area we can recommend a high quality shop. Have a look at the website, auto repair tempe, and notice how they fulfill all the requirements for being a quality automotive service center.


3. Get a quote!

Ask for cost assessments first. Also, check if a particular repair or replacement comes with a guarantee. You would like to make sure that any issues with your vehicle end on that same visit and don’t pile up.

4. Opt for local specialty shops.

Unless insurance or warranty covers the repair, go to an independent contractor. Prices are higher and less realistic in car dealerships than a specialist in town.


Your vehicle is more than a machine; it serves you a purpose – to travel safely. Thus, you have to ensure that whoever fixes it repairs it well.

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