When it comes to car repair and vehicular maintenance, Toral Mehta is your primer. We are an online magazine that sprung out of our love and appreciation to anything auto and its care.

Even before the launch of this blog on the web, we have actively shared the knowledge taught to us by good reads, ideas picked up from friends and service mechanics, and lessons we learned the easy or difficult ways – all these regarding auto parts, repair, and tune-ups. We’ve had our forum for these discussions, and realized, though theoretically at first, “Why don’t we start a blog?” And the rest was history.

logoToral Mehta was launched by a group of friends who think writing and cars can be interchangeably used as a profession and a hobby. In time, as our followers grew, these became interchangeable indeed. But this magazine is never about us.

Let us put the spotlight on these vehicles which added more fun, convenience, excitement and risk to travel. We find these cars worthy of attention; we dedicate a whole magazine and more for them.
A car is never just a body with an engine and four wheels. This magazine shows you all there is to know.

Feel free to scan our site and comment anytime you please. We value interactions, suggestions, and contributions. Read more. This is the start of your journey.

Welcome to Toral Mehta!