Our magazine needs contributors!

Toral Mehta is looking for people with a similar passion for cars and auto repairs, and hopefully writing, too, to submit articles to us. The magazine would like to have additional content from our readers and blog visitors.

At times, we would like to think that our minds are like car engines filled with high-octane fuel. They go fast and superbly while it is full, yet also needs a refill from time to time. At these moments, we need back up!

Kidding aside, we need car lovers who can give decent advice when someone’s vehicle breaks down Рsome insights to information that no one has ever told us previously.

You may also want to write about auto repair services that you have visited and then, provide reviews about them. So if by any misfortune that a car badly needs some tune-ups in a particular area, we know just where to go or where not to go.

Please submit samples of your original compositions to us, along with an updated resume and ideas you would like to be published in the magazine.

Tell us more about brakes, HVAC units, drivetrain, lubrication, wheels and tires, suspension and the electrical and mechanical components of the engine. We encourage fresh content that will make us love these vehicles more than just an artful and scientific mixture of elements.

Simply put, Toral Mehta needs more variety than what we currently have and more contributors to share this common drive to write.