The Ideal Frequency of Your Car Check-Up


During the first five years, most owners of brand new cars tend to depend on their manufacturer to do the routinary check. As the car ages, its market value depreciates and owners forgo inspection.

The paint starts to get scratched and dents. Engine damages become harder to identify. Parts wear, and replacements become limited, making the repair troublesome, unlike its breezy first few years.

Though depreciation is inevitable and maintaining mint condition almost impossible, old cars can continue to be in good shape with a few tips.

Record Milestones into Writing

If you’ve lost track of the trips and receipts from the auto shop, start writing dates detailing the last changes you recall on a notepad you probably stored in the glove compartment. Your record is vital in the next potential tune-ups, even if the exact date is shady.


Be Mindful of Car Usage, Engine Fluid Oil Level, and Color

It is always a smart decision to read your car’s manual to know the typical usage and interval of oil changes. However, different factors, such as extreme temperatures, idling too long, pressuring the engine with cargo, also affect it.

Checking fluids yourself with a rag and dipstick help tell when to refill, change or not. Engine oil should be dark brown or black and should hit the level between the High and Low indicator after re-dipping a clean dipstick.

Observe Your Car Engine While Idle and on the Road

Grab a flashlight to check rubber hoses, belts, leaks, and source of any unusual noise, at least once every six months or whenever you feel that something is not right.

Rubber parts of old cars swell and break as they age, resulting in leaks and strange noises. Additionally, wheels waste and tend to get out of alignment. Lastly, warning lights lit up when something needs attention under the hood.

Remember, the driver must successfully identify when the car needs a checkup. Get professional advice as soon as you notice anything strange than normal to your vehicle’s performance to avoid damage or accidents.

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